What is Mobile Backend as a Service

Mobile Backend as a Service or better known as (MBaaS) is still new to some people. For developers, Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is a common thing and most of them use it to build their apps. Basically, Mobile Backend as a Service is a hosting for web applications or mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.) which are mostly difficult to integrate in a single cloud IoT Platform.

With Mobile Backend as a Service, developers can integrate cloud storage in a single server, integrate push notifications, connect to social media, manage their user, and integrate with third-party platforms in a single platform.

There are some features that a Mobile Backend as a Service needs to own, here they are:

Elastic Cloud Platform

By using the Mobile Backend as a Service, developers do not need additional hosting because it has given database hosting in one platform. Developers can also integrate with other cloud service hosting as this is optional in MBaaS platform. Some of Mobile Backend as a Service allows you to build mobile applications or web applications in a comprehensive cloud server infrastructure.

Push Notification Features

Push Notification is available for Mobile Backend as a Service to help developer can directly connect with their user. This feature is important because in a single step, they can get feedback from your user. It gives you ability to ask their feedback and deliver promotion of your newest update. This makes developer can control their apps and user feedback. With this, they can see what their user needs and what needs improvement from the apps.

First App Testing

Before you launch your apps, you need to make sure that the app is working well in all platform by testing them. Not only once, but a lot of times. Bugs and errors could be happening everytime. If you use Mobile Backend as a Service as your platform to build an apps, It will help you test your apps before you launch it. It also tells the errors in your apps. That way you can reduce the bugs and errors once it’s launched on the market.

The feature in Mobile Backend as a Service has already ease developers to build an apps. One thing every developers need to master if they are willing to take the mobile apps world, they have to know the marketing strategy.

Knowing the code or programming are still nothing if you still don’t have any way on how to sell your product.

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