Strategy to Build Application in Mobile Backend as a Service

In creating Mobile application, Developer have to think a little bit more tricky than the usual way. With many competitors working on the apps too, it makes developers choose Mobile Backend as a Service to build their apps.

The concept of Mobile Backend as a Service and IoT Platform is actually a platform where developers can build their apps for many platform is a fastest way as possible. Not only that, Mobile Backend as a Service will make them engage their user and get feedback directly from the user itself.

If you are planning to build a mobile apps, here are some strategy tips before your start:

Choose the Right Mobile Backend as a Service

Build a database, install the OS on the server, add the integration, and etc and still so many things to do. Too complicated than what you thought. These technical things are making developers waste their time in developing a single apps.

If you use Mobile Backend as a Service, all of the process can be cut off and way more simple than the usual. In one platform, you can build an apps, manage it, engage your user, and reach your user feedback. That way you can see what your user needs.

Use Open Source Code

We know that Mobile Application competition out there is rough. So if you still stuck in mastering the coding, you will probably be late while others has already delivered their product to market.

You can choose to take Open Source way. Read the terms and condition then install on your server, test to the market, and prepare for user feedback. Just remember that Groupon use WordPress at their early start.

Get Your Material Element on Marketplace

This one might require some money out of your pockets, but this might help you having faster impact. Creating UI/UX design for your apps could be tiring and wasting time. More of that, you still can’t decide whether your design is great enough for your user or not. Even not all of developers can make a great design. To start of and make it easy for you to deliver fast, you can get this mobile application element or web app in Themeforest, codecanyon, or else.

The mobile application you are working on is a something that you need to deliver fast if you don’t want to be buried by competitors. Either you have to keep innovate or launch as fast as possible, those 3 of strategy tips above might can help you saving your apps to survive.

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