Potential for Internet of Things Business


Right now, tons of sensors and devices are being applied to start a massive Internet of Things with IoT Platform Deployment around the world. People are building the internet of Things and ready for huge wave in the future.

So what can you actually do with Internet of Things today?

IBM Voice has stated one of major change to the world with Internet of Things. The only thing that keeps changing every year. Of course, weather.

Based on IBM Voice on Forbes, nothing and no one in this world isn’t affected by the weather. It changes everything. From you mood to the way you dress and from crops to flight plan. Sounds about right, yes? Weather gives influential impact to our life and the way we live it.

That’s the reason why it’s a great idea to combine Internet of Things with weather. The combination allows us to connect weather with other pieces of data to give us a richer source of information. It puts every piece of data into a new context and allows organizations to learn at an accelerated rate, transform how they run their businesses and benefit the lives of people.

Or take the connected car. Currently a GPS system helps get us from point A to point B in the fastest time possible, taking into account traffic patterns, road closing and other factors.

But what if weather was added to the equation? Now rather than just avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic, drivers are alerted to approaching rainstorms, reported patches of black ice or sun glare. It’s information like this that helps eliminate potentially costly accidents and possible injury.

Even greater news for you all who already installed Thermostat in your home. Thermostat with Internet of Things can do greater job. We know that Thermostat can turn heat up and down when we need it or not, but by connecting in weather data, these devices could turn on the central air system automatically — based on suddenly clearing skies that have hit the area. Now when you get home on a 90-degree day, your house is at an ideal temperature.

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