Reason to Use Mobile Backend as a Service

There are many mobile application available today. More even downloaded everyday. With big market, developer needs to find a way to compete with others developer. They have to build their apps faster and easier. Some of them are using Mobile Backend as a Service to ease their work.

There are various types of Mobile Backend as a Service, one of the example is Mesosfer. Mobile Backend as a Service platform can be a tool for developer to make their work easier. They will take care of the backend area and developers can focus on the solution delivery.

Why do you need Mobile Backend as a Service

Scaling applications for iOS and Android is very challenging. It is hard to estimate demand before it is launched and you need a backend which effectively scale as your audience grows. Just because you can do the coding for iOS or Android, does not mean you can easily develop scalable backend work for your application. It requires a completely different set. Designing the front end UI / UX for your application is time consuming and create a backend will add an extra time to your project.

Nowadays you do not have to worry about developing backend for your application in IoT Platform. Today we can use Mobile Backend as a Service to reduce time and cost in developing a apps. This also makes everything easier and faster for developers.

The Advantages of using Mobile Backend as a Service

Most MBaaS platform is equipped with a library SDK (Software developer Kit) iOS and Android are useful to ensure seamless integration. Many of these services offer a freemium model and offers the best value for money with prices based on usage and improved scalability. It allows you to manage commercial risk because you will only start paying once your application be successful.

Powerful Feature

It is important that there should be feature of Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaas) that allows developers to engage and manage. For example is Push Notification and Elastic Cloud Platform.

By utilizing push notification feature, we can measure user’s behavior. Push notification cancollect feedback and user’s respond about promos or updateof a new product. From this feature we can see how important it is to gain loyalty of users to increase sales.

Elastic mobile backend as a service is also an important feature. To build high quality mobile app, it requires effort and lot of hard work. So if you’re a mobile app developer, you can use Mobile Services Backend as a Service (mBaas) which has good scalable cloud servers capacity and capable of doing scaleup cloud server when users increases.

Mobile Backend as a Service for Mobile Apps

As mobile apps developer, you need to build apps quickly. In this case you’re going to need Mobile Backend as a Service. It is a platform for developers to build their apps in an easy way as possible.

What Mobile Backend as a Service does is basically taking care all the backend process of the apps you built. It is simply making developer job easier and faster. They can focus on the front end side of the apps and prepare strategy for marketing.

Choosing the right Mobile Backend as a Service means you have to be understanding the feature. Their feature will be a source for your apps. Whether your app is working or not, Mobile Backend as a Service feature has a big impact.

Here are some feature of Mobile Backend as a Service that will make your app greater:

Push Notification

This feature is important if you want to keep engaged with your user. It gives you ability to ask their feedback and deliver promotion of your newest update. This makes developer can control their apps and user feedback. With this, they can see what their user needs and what needs improvement from the apps.

Elastic Cloud Backend

By using Mobile Backend as a Service or IoT Platform, Mobile apps developers do not require additional hosting because it has given database hosting in one platform. If developers need to integrate their apps with other cloud services hosting, they can still do this optional choice, but with Mobile Backend as a Service you can build mobile applications or web applications in a comprehensive cloud server infrastructure.

Using Mobile Backend as a Service can also cut off the hard work in developing apps. Mostly developer takes months to build a single apps. It is not included in setting up the front end which also complicated too.

Choosing Mobile Backend as a Service is a great way if your want to develop mobile application in the fastest way. It also gives developers control to manage their application and automatically alert them if there’s a problem with the apps.