iot platform

IoT Platform Should be Your Next Startup Product

iot platform

Currently there are 22 Billion devices connected to the Internet by this year. It is not really a surprising number since a internet user itself reached by 3.2 Billion Internet User by 2015 worldwide. Increasing from 738 million on 2000.

How fast the internet user grow is the key to fast penetration to IoT product. For example is the first time Thermostat launched. It was a hype for people since it controls our home and help home owner to maintain their home condition. It gets to the market easier since it can be controlled through smartphone. Which is something that literally everybody has. So that’s the beginning of how so easy Internet of Things product hit the market since the Internet itself is in everybody’s hand.

Looking how fast Internet of Things grow, big tech company takes the chance in creating a platform where everyone can build their own IoT Product.

Amazon with their AWS IoT promises its developers to connect billion device in one platform, IBM Watson which allows developers build IoT for retail, home, vehicle and etc.

Everyone is building a platform to make IoT developers easily build their own product. The IoT market size reached USD 130.33 Billion in 2015 and forecast to be USD 883.55 Billion by 2022. A big market to start innovation.

If you are about to build your own IoT device, an IoT Platform is a good start. With the crowd IoT Market, the only way to make your IoT product hit the market faster is to cut down the development process. IoT Platform provides features that can help you out with the development process.

The features that are provided by IoT Platform are mostly are helping developers cut down development process such as connecting to multi devices, secure integration, data storage, and etc. The features apparently creates various IoT implementations.

One of many IoT platforms that provides IoT solution is Mesosfer. As a platform for developers to connect their IoT Devices, Mesosfer also provides service to help developers build Mobile Apps.

IoT product such as thermostat will require mobile apps to actually work. If IoT developers build in different platform for both solution, in Mesosfer they can build both solution in one platform.

Cutting off the development process and budget as well especially for startup before they start launching their product. Features provided in Mesosfer is quite similar with other IoT Platform and Mobile Backend as a Service to build mobile apps. Analytic is provided by Mesosfer to make sure developers keep updated about their application performance.

The IoT Platform market reached $298M by 2015 and forecast to become $1.6B by 2021. With a promising market, IoT Platform is a new field. Even other competitors are part of big tech company, they just launched their platform last year. So a chance for startup to be great IoT Platform is still available.

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