Industrial Revolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Impact on Fleet Management


Fleet Management Industry including trucking, forwarding, and package delivery is one of businesses that has been existed since the 80’s era. It was started with animals but now it’s growing and using technology.

In this industry, access and accuracy of the delivery is main value for the company.

Technology makes this industry grow better. Fleet management, more than a usual transportation, will get advantages of using connectivity and data from IoT Platform.

Fleet management works out of independent system of asset monitoring, route management, and maintenance report that are connected each other in this business.

Internet of Things Impact on Fleet Management

With new technology keeps coming in this digital era or what’s most popular now is Internet of Things.

IoT gives 3 impacts in Fleet Management Industry:

  1. Eficiency: For driver, asset monitoring, smart delivery, and real time access can help you make sure driver and vehicle operate optimaly. Saving works that needed paper or needed manual work from human.
  2. Low Cost Operational: For gas price, idle time, accident, and Disobeydience in majority of finance management. Controlling these functions with fleet management solution can help you reduce higher cost.
  3. Adding Value for Customers: Fleet management can quickly transfer data automatically from their vehicles. A real time solution is also provided while taking decision for their customers

We understand various technologies come giving many advantages and solutions. Just like RFID and NFC that’s usually used for fleet management solution.

But there’s a limit in RFID and NFC. Cubeacon comes giving a better solution. Using iBeacon technology, Cubeacon can be used as in many solutions for fleet management.

By using Cubeacon, we can turn your device online, easy to tracked in real time and connected to Internet. Cubeacon also has flexible reader access using smartphone, or using stand alone reader from Cubeacon.

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